Discover Dr. Kelly Starrett’s Comprehensive Model For Assessing And Correcting Movement Problems — And Earn CEUs For Your Professional License



Looking for a new physical therapy continuing education opportunity? Whether you’re a functional movement specialist, a mobility specialist or a personal trainer in need of continuing education, consider the Movement & Mobility 102 course.

Our Movement & Mobility 102 course is an advanced six-week online course with both self-paced material and LIVE virtual Q&A calls.

Our continuing education is for chiropractors, physical therapists, coaches, personal trainers, and other professionals involved in performance and movement health.

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-Luke Everett | Coach

“I love learning from the leaders in the industry when it comes to movement and mobility. The value and information they add is world-class and industry-changing.”


If you’re looking for a human movement specialist with the background, experience, knowledge, and passion, it’s Dr. Kelly Starrett.

For over a decade, Kelly has stress-tested the techniques revealed in the material in the course with the world’s best athletes. That includes Olympic gold medalists, UFC champions, and players in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Now strength and conditioning coaches across professional sports use his approach to get an edge on the opposition.

The Movement & Mobility 102 Course reveals Kelly’s comprehensive assessment for evaluating and correcting an athlete’s movement patterns. Plus it will also let you understand common types of pain experienced in the gym and what tools you have at your disposal to address them.

After completing the course, you will be able to systematically observe a client’s movement, spot incomplete patterns, and correct those issues with a robust set of tools and techniques. Plus, you will also receive Kelly’s complete four-page client mobility assessment form to seamlessly begin using Kelly’s system in your own practice.

And lastly, completing your continuing education is CEUs earned. Whether you’re an injury prevention specialist, athletic movement specialist or a similar professional pursuing your continuing education, consider Movement & Mobility 102.

-Matt Mantai | Coach

“A lifetime’s worth of knowledge packed into this course from one of the world’s top experts on mobility. As a fitness coach, taking this knowledge and applying it is a sure way to increase your personal worth to anyone you serve and help more people live pain free. A great investment.”

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101 Course Attendee

-Candace Fuller | Coach

“This class was INCREDIBLE! I helped 6 athletes in our workplace gym get moving without pain today!”


Personal trainer continuing education, like Movement & Mobility 102, teaches you:

The Ready State Movement & Mobility 102 Course Reveals A Comprehensive Movement Assessment For Athletes And Individuals, Including…

-Kyle Chapman | Coach

“Kelly is a guru! I’ve been personal training for 15 years and still, am learning so much from this course!!!”


The online Movement & Mobility 102 Course has a combination of self-guided lessons and live Q&A video calls.

For each week of the course, beginning on Monday, we will release a new lesson every day until you’ve received all of the course material for that week. Each lesson contains a combination of written material and videos, and will take you about an hour to complete.

Then towards the end of each week during the course, you will get access to a live, 60-minute Q&A video call with a Ready State coach to answer your questions. We’ve structured the course so that you will always receive all your weekly lessons before the live Q&A video call each week.

Plus after the course ends, you get lifetime access to the course portal with all of the self-guided lessons. And you also get access to the recordings for each of the Q&A calls during your section of the 102 course.

You can find the complete course schedule for the Movement & Mobility 102 Course below.

To get the most out of the 102 course, we strongly recommend that you complete the 101 course before the 102 course begins. And you must purchase the 101 course in order to attend the 102. (But don’t worry. We offer an exclusive discount when you bundle the 101 and 102 courses together.)


-Doug Aylesworth

“The 102 Course takes a very complex system of information and parcels it out in bite-size morsels of nutrient rich dense information that really helps me elevate my game and build greater trust for the clients that I work with every day.”


Beyond continuing your education and earning athletic performance certifications, finding new clients is critical for your success as a coach or practitioner. That’s why we want to help promote your business to our 100,000 monthly visitors.
Pursuing physical therapy continuing education courses and opportunities, like Movement & Mobility 102, allows you to gain industry knowledge and build rapport with clients.

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And we point everyone to the Directory. It allows our audience to search, filter, and find a top-tier professional near them. And it helps make finding new clients easy for our network of coaches and practitioners. Everybody wins!

But to qualify for the Directory, you first must complete this course. So enroll now to get instant access. And the moment you finish, you’ll be able to submit your Directory listing.

-Cody Coppel

“Kelly’s gift for teaching complicated things in an easy way is impressive.”


  • ACE (CEP125759) — 1.5 CEUs
  • ACSM — 10 CEUs
  • AFAA (Provider #: 11,770) — 15 CEUs
  • NASM (Provider #: 4,045) — 1.6 CEUs
  • CrossFit – 9 CEUs

-Jonson Tanl

“The 102 Movement and Mobility Course is a very comprehensive and well paced course that provides assessment pieces and knowledge that is integral to coaching.”






We strongly recommend that you complete our Movement & Mobility 101 Course before the 102 course begins. Otherwise, you might not get the most out of the second course. Completing Movement & Mobility 101 in advance puts you on the best track to complete continuing education for physical therapy jobs and other professions.

And you must have purchased the 101 course in order to enroll in the 102 course. So if you haven’t joined the 101 course yet, you can get a discount when you enroll for the 101 and 102 courses at the same time.

WEEK 1: Introduction & Background

  • Mon: Introduction
  • Mon: The I-3 Model
  • Tue: Recognizing Red Flags & The Role of a Coach
  • Wed: The D2R2 Model
  • Thu: Breathing
  • Live Q&A Call: Thursday 1/28 (Time TBD)

WEEK 2: Lower Extremity Archetypes

  • Mon: Lumbar Spine Archetype Assessments
  • Tue: Squat/Hinge Archetype Assessments
  • Wed: Understanding The Role of the Nervous System
  • Thu: Blood-Flow Restriction & Occlusion
  • Live Q&A Call: Thursday 2/4 (Time TBD)

WEEK 3: Lower Extremity Archetypes

  • Mon: Pistol Archetype Assessments
  • Tue: Lunge Archetype Assessments
  • Wed: Scraping
  • Thu: Percussion
  • Live Q&A Call: Thursday 2/11 (Time TBD)

WEEK 4: Upper Extremity Archetypes

  • Mon: Thoracic Spine Archetype Assessments
  • Tue: Overhead Archetype Assessments
  • Wed: Front Rack Archetype Assessments
  • Thu: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  • Live Q&A Call: Thursday 2/18 (Time TBD)

WEEK 5: Upper Extremity Archetypes

  • Mon: Press Archetype Assessments
  • Tue: Hang Archetype Assessments
  • Wed: Compression Devices
  • Live Q&A Call: Thursday 2/25 (Time TBD)

WEEK 6: Programming & Application

  • Mon: Programming For Incomplete Patterns
  • Tue: Applying The TRS Advanced Assessments In Your Practice
  • Final Live Q&A Call: Thursday 3/4 (Time TBD)

We recommend you have access to the following equipment so you can practice the techniques from each course…

  • Two lacrosse balls taped together or a Gemini
  • A single lacrosse ball or a small Supernova
  • A VooDoo Floss Band
  • A larger ball like a softball, Supernova 2.0, or a rubber princess ball like you’d find at a drugstore
  • A TRS Resistance Band. (A bike tube will work in a pinch. But we encourage you to have a proper band.)
  • A partner to help you practice the many assessments you will learn throughout the course

When enrolling in this course, you will create a username and password that will allow you to log in to The Ready State Members’ Area. Then leading up to the start date of your course, you will receive reminder emails to be ready for the first day of class.

On the first day of the course, you will begin to get access to the self-guided lessons in the course in the Members’ Area. For each week of the course, beginning on Monday, we will release a new lesson every day until you’ve received all of the course material for that week. And we’ve structured the course so that you will always receive all your weekly lessons before the live Q&A video call each Thursday.

You will also receive an email with an invitation to join the live Q&A video calls every Thursday, too.

Beyond earning credits for this CEU course in physical therapy, you also get a TRS Movement and Mobility Coach certificate. You can add TRS-C to the end of your name.

  • ACE (CEP125759) — 1.5 CEUs
  • ACSM — 10 CEUs
  • AFAA (Provider #: 11,770) — 15 CEUs
  • NASM (Provider #: 4,045) — 1.6 CEUs
  • CrossFit – 9 CEUs