Book Dr. Kelly Starrett to Speak for Your Organization or Event.

Kelly’s speaking engagements can be tailored for three main groups…

Book Dr. Kelly Starrett to Speak for Your Organization or Event

Kelly’s speaking engagements can be tailored for three main groups…

Speaking for Businesses & Corporations
Previous Corporate Speaking Clients Include…

Employers lose $1,685 per employee every year to missed work and lost productivity.

Sadly the modern workplace only makes these problems worse. Recent studies show that too much sitting contributes to a host of diseases — from obesity and diabetes to cancer and depression. And pain (back pain in particular) is another leading cause of missed work.

In a speaking event with your company, Kelly can show your employees how to use their work environment to improve their health and alleviate common causes of pain. He will give your staff a detailed battle plan for surviving our chair-centric society. And he will provide strategies for transforming your desk into a dynamic, active workstation.

Also, the CDC reports that work-related stress is the number one workplace health problem. It’s a major occupational health risk, even more than physical inactivity and obesity. Kelly can show your employees self-care techniques to better manage and recover from stress. He can explain how our physiology impacts our mental capacity and ways we can care for our body and mind to take on additional challenges. That way, your employees will be able to manage their energy more effectively to get more done.

So book Kelly to speak with your company today. Because a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce.

Speaking for Fitness Professionals & Events
Previous Fitness & Coaching Speaking Events Include…

We live in a world of extraordinary human physical achievement. More people today are fitter, stronger, faster, and pushing their physical limits than at any time in history. And as our clients become more advanced, it means we need to evolve as coaches and fitness professionals.

But at the same time, we are often still bewildered by many of the most fundamental questions relating to our health and physicality. What constitutes the peak of physical well-being and how do we get there? Where should the limits of performance enhancement be drawn? How does physical fitness really affect our mental state?

Over the past decade, Kelly has spent more than 150,000 hours training athletes of all types. He’s worked with everyone from elite professionals setting world records to everyday weekend warriors. Few people are more qualified to help us tackle the next evolution of human performance.

When you book Kelly to speak, he can share his revolutionary approach to movement, mobility, and mechanics. His methods can help attendees spot and correct simple movement errors, lost force production, and spinal compensation. He can also show attendees how to merge the training experience and diagnostic process. And how to create greater stability and power through breathing and spinal organization.

Plus as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Kelly can also deliver talks geared to physios, chiropractors, and other professional caregivers.

Kelly has stress-tested what he teaches with the world’s most elite athletes. That includes Olympic gold medalists, UFC champions, and players in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Now strength and conditioning coaches across professional sports come to Kelly to get an edge on the opposition. Give your attendees this same advantage by booking Kelly to speak for your fitness organization or event.

Speaking for Military, Police,
and First Responders

Previous Fitness & Coaching Speaking Events Include…

Members of the military, police, and other first responders face exceptional physical and environmental demands. And other people’s lives — not to mention their own — depend on their ability to act at a moment’s notice. But preparing teams for these demands is a challenge…

Too much training — or the wrong training — can lead to injury or exhaustion. But too little training will leave the team underprepared.

Booking Kelly to work with your team can help you dial in your training and recovery. With proper movement, mobility, and mechanics, your team will be able to face the physical demands of their job safely and effectively. And with improved recovery, they will be able to handle a higher training volume with lower risk of injury.

Kelly will also invite US Army veteran and Ready State coach Dr. Danny Matta with him for some of these talks. Together, they will show your team how to use The Ready State’s principles to program efficient training and recovery for tactical athletes and warfighter personnel. That means fewer lost man hours to injury, and a team that’s always ready to perform at its best.

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